IMG_8938It is so important to vary your training and get out of the gym environment each week to feel energised and connected to the natural world – even if skies are grey and the air is chilly! Feel the fresh air fill your lungs and allow your senses to take in world around you – away from artificial lights, pounding CV machines and the clatter of weights equipment. Taking your training outdoors allows your body to move as it is designed to do without the constraints of gym equipment and an outdoor workout can prove extremely challenging!

This is the first of a series of outdoor workouts for you to try yourself at a location close to you. This workout is designed to challenge your cardio endurance and is a fantastic way to boost your metabolism the morning and get you focused for the day ahead (Remember – always follow training with a protein /cabs balanced meal).




Distance:  2 –  3 mile circular route

Time: Allow 30 – 45 minutes depending on your fitness level

Work out:   Warm up:     Begin with a lower and upper body stretch sequence then set off on your route at a brisk walking pace / jog


Section 1:    Complete 4 sets of 25 walking lunges ( body upright, big strides, back knee as close to the ground  as possible)  with a short jog / walk between sets to shake out your muscles)


Section 2: Interval sprints: Sprint for a count of 10 seconds then recover (jog / walk) for 20 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

                             (adapt your speed according to your ability level and if you want to work harder increase the sprint time and decrease the recovery time)


Section 3: Power walk (long strides at a brisk pace and squeezing your glutes on each step!)


*** When you come across a bench or a step on your circuit, stop and take advantage of it: 10 + step ups leading with each leg; 10+ press ups against it; 10+ tricep dips)   ***


Cool Down: For the last 100 M of your circuit slow your speed down and allow your heart rate to decrease. Repeat your stretch sequence.

Have a great day!

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