A group of my Rock-Fitties have completed our first obstacle challenge of the year – the Military Major Series organised by The Royal British Legion at Bramham Park, Leeds. What a belter of a day – the sun shone down on the 2000+ participants as we negotiated and fought our way around a 5 KM woodland and water course.

The obstacles included a barbed wire gauntlet, bale dive, A frame, log carry, hill scramble, swamps and various water obstacles all which tested the grit of each team member as we were quite literally ‘stuck in the muck’ many times!

The Rock-Fitties t-shirt is emblazoned with three key words which I encourage all my clients to embody through their active lifestyle, and make themselves accountable to their own fitness goals. The words are: DECIDE (on the outcome you desire for your self)

COMMIT (to a plan of action to make that happen)

SUCCEED (achieve and believe in your efforts and subsequent rewards)

The team certainly showed their commitment to this ethos on their preparation for the Military Major challenge – all  committed to a progressive training program involving resistance training to build strength and stamina and cardio work to increase fitness. Their commitment was tested when, over the weeks leading up to the event, 3 of them suffered injuries that although caused them to rest, did not slow the momentum of their training for long. These inspirational ladies attacked the course with positivity, camaraderie and a buzzing energy that was recognised by the soldiers manning the obstacles: “Just look at those smiles! Go on Girls!”     “That’s what we like to see… laughing so much you can’t hold you

Tough Mudder, Spartan, Total Warrior, Military Major, Pretty Muddy …. the list of physical challenges increases year after year and the Spring / /Summer of 2016 is jam packed with opportunities to slip, slide, vault, trek, jump and army crawl across Britain’s most scenic countryside locations. The course distances  can range from 5 KM to 12 Miles and provide a challenge for every fitness level from complete beginners to advanced athletes -there is so much for everyone to achieve!

For some the appeal is the competetive adrenaline rush of every individual for themselves against the clock. Other events put camaraderie over finisher rankings and are not a race but a team challenge

.I am so proud of the vitality, confidence, courage, passion and encouragement I witnessed from our team that afternoon and I cant wait to push them on to the next one… Who’s with us?!

Look out for more information about how to train for such events in the near futurethemajorsseries-logo-horiz-rgb IMG_9549 [59473] IMG_9551 IMG_9545 IMG_9601 IMG_9587 FullSizeRender [59478]

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