Summer is the perfect time to get creative with salad building as your body is energised and acutely aware of the sunshine, increased activity levels and bare skin on show. It no longer craves to be bunkered down in doors with plates of stodgy comfort food.

Done right a salad is a delicious, substantial and creative meal in itself – done wrong and it is no more than a few limp leaves that leave you hungry and unsatisfied or a super calorific, mayonnaise loaded junk food.

Many people ask me how to transform their sad salad lunch box into a meal that they actually look forward to eating… a complete meal that fills them up, raises energy levels, provide the correct balance of macro nutrients,  vitamins and minerals – all with a flavour sensation!

A great salad is hard to beat and I take inspiration for my creations from the many salad dishes I have eaten all around the world – and the novel ingredients different cuisines include. Anything goes!

Use this simple framework as you open the fridge door and stare at the contents waiting for inspiration to hit …

FullSizeRender [68780]





Here are a couple of examples of the salads I have created over the last few week


Spinach, little gem lettuce, celery, tomatoes, avocado, toasted pine nuts, griddled halloumi cheese, white crab meat, balsamic based salad dressing.


Baby leaves, basil leaves, cucumber, roasted beetroot and sweet potatoes, sliced chicken breast, avocado, feta cheese, pine nuts, honey and lemon juice salad dressing.

  • IMG_9253 [60144]
  • Iceberg lettuce, chard, cucumber, spring onion, red pepper, olives, black puy lentils, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, seared tuna steak with black pepper, lemon and olive oil salad dressing


Frisee lettuce, coriander and mint leaves, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, seared steak slices, roasted peanuts, lime, chilli, coriander and olive oil dressing.




CHOPPING CHALLENGE! Salads are super healthy and infinitely changeable and we are to celebrate this with a challenge… Post a picture below or on the Rockfitt Facebook page of a salad you create and list the ingredients for your chance to win a free PT session with me. Your salad bowl should be a symphony of colour, flavour, texture and substance where no two mouthfuls are the same – Happy chopping!

IMG_8973 [60139]


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