What a lonnnnnng month! The dark mornings seem relentless and most people appear to be in hibernation mode with days of head- down and get through your weekly routine. Money is tight and our waistbands feel even tighter. There’s  plenty of work and precious little play for most.


Although not for all – January has seen a return of many people to the gym with a focus on using the natural endorphins a work out provides to beat the blues and get their head in the game again. Exercise really is the most under used form of anti – depressant. See for yourself how raising your heart rate for as little as a 20 minute period per day can significantly boost your mood and make your world a brighter place. If family members are struggling get them involved too – get yourselves running, cycling, dancing, swimming, walking, boxing, indoors, outdoors just get you heart beating faster and fire up your metabolism. You will certainly be rewarded.


I have a number of new clients who have decided to share their Personal Training experience with a friend. Partner Training is a great way to motivate yourselves and have fun supporting and challenging each other with the physical tasks I set you. It is purse friendly as the cost is shared and it has many more benefits than sitting and catching up over a latte and muffin in the coffee shop. Please get in touch if you would like to know more!



Well done to those of you who embarked on and completed Dry January – what an achievement! No doubt some of you feel more alert, sleep better and have lost a few pounds by making this change alone. However it is not necessary to completely omit alcohol from your diet to achieve your fitness goals. The key is to moderate your units and try not to drink more than one or two at a time once or twice a week. Alcohol requires a lot of effort from your liver to rid the toxins from your system. It also switches off your fat burning mechanism and therefore slows your progress.


There has been a real showcase of new workout clothes in the gym this month and I can see that Santa has rewarded your gym time with amazing colours, patterns and designs. Show them off and feel fantastic – you certainly deserve it! Feeling comfortable and self confident in the gym is the most important factor when choosing our workout wear but a bright splash of neon makes everyone feel good! If in doubt, start with a bright pair of trainers!


January was the warm up into 2018 now let’s crank up the intensity as we head into February …


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