It’s outdoor training time!

I’m thrilled that you recognise the benefits of taking exercise outdoors however, you may find this situation familiar:

You tie up your laces, zip up your jacket, pop in your ear phones and set off to give you heart body and mind a blast of fresh air and nature.

But half a mile into your route your enthusiasm and motivation is ebbing away…

Don’t take the short cut back! In order to maximise the benefits of taking your exercise outdoors you need to look to the features around you for inspiration and use natural and man-made objects and markers to create a dynamic training experience.

Before you know it, a steady jog has turned into a calorie blasting, muscle screaming work out! Get creative …


I used these obstacles on a recent outdoor run (yes it was somewhere warm and sunny but even more reason to exercise hard under cold, grey skies!) This was my work out:

Jog 1/2 mile

Hill sprints (approx. 80m): Sprint up ( head lifted, driving arms and legs)

Walk back down to recover        Repeat X 6

Jog 1/2 mile

Each bench passed:   15 step ups with each leg, 15 decline press-ups (feet on bench, hands on the floor), 15 incline press-ups (feet on floor, hands on the bench, 15 tricep dips, 10 Bulgarian lunges ( back foot on the bench)

Jog 1/2 mile

Stair runs: Taking the steps one at a time as fast as possible, jog back down then straight away take them 2 at a time (pushing through the heel each time you push off a step) Repeat X 6

Jog1/2 mile

Picnic Tables: Step up , step down, incline press-up  x 8, Glute kick backs (step up then lift and squeeze back leg up to sky – hold on to table top) x 8 each leg, Crunches on the bench X 20, Russian twists (balancing bottom on the edge of the bench) X 15, Leg raises X 10

Cool down walk and stretches


Phew-That wasn’t just a jog in the park!




IMG_7955 IMG_7954 IMG_7951 IMG_7956

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