So as  Personal Trainer I’m very good at telling you all what to do, how to do it and why you should do it, however , do I practice what I preach? You can be the judge of that…FullSizeRender [97575]It’s time for me to lead by example and join some of you to gain a figure to be proud of in 8 weeks!

This challenge is all about ACCOUNTABILITY  – being honest to myself and my audience, changing and adapting in order to gain maximum results.

Personally, my goal is to return to a regular and weekly pattern of balanced training and clean eating. As a result,  I will increase definition and tone to my body shape so that I feel more comfortable in Summer clothes. Bikini season is not far away!

Each day of the week I will complete the training (fire it), diet (fuel it)  and feelings (feel it) log sheet with every detail that has occurred – a beasting of  training session , a dog walk, a spoon of super fudge chunk chocolate ice cream, a gin and tonic – everything! I will also include a quick note about what I felt positive and negative about that day – this is such an important part of the process as understanding our mind set –what motivates or hinders us – is what equals success. It allows us to make improvements on our practice from one week to the next.

At the end of the week I will post my weekly log onto the Rockfitt Facebook page for all to view. I will also include photo updates (this photo is pre – week 1) and other snippets along the way.

So as I lead by example, let us see which of my clients will come along for the ride (and the row, lunge, squat and press!) Rockfitt Facebook page will be a platform to share successes and information and I actively encourage you all to join in!

Click on the link to see the weekly log sheet:  figure of 8 challenge

6 thoughts on “Figure of 8

  1. Keely

    Well I’m in!

    • Rachael

      That goes without saying! Thank you for being such a pleasure xx

  2. maria

    I’m in as always xxx

    • Rachael

      Then we can get those work trousers loose again ; ) … You are a super star xx

  3. Beth Bedford

    Hell Yeah!!! xx

  4. Jo Hanson-Young

    Goes without saying I’m in – as always a bit late in the day! x

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