FullSizeRenderIn January 2015 I made a new year’s resolution just like everyone else. This time was different; I needed a life changing resolution which also included something to aim for, a challenge or two.
I was told about a trainer called Rachael Rockett – I gave her a call made an appointment and the rest is history. 
I suffer from Graves’ Disease and have had my thyroid gland removed. I looked at ways to get back into fitness, as I was always fairly fit, but had to stop due to my condition.
After speaking with Rachael and going through my nutrition ( I work shifts and 2 jobs ) she told me that this was the first thing I had to really address as I was eating all the wrong things and at the wrong time of the day . My fitness would return alongside this.
We agreed to have a weekly session for 6 months – and nearly 12 months on I have achieved so much and progressed so far in my training and also she has supported me greatly with my personal life. 
This year has been such a good year! I have gone down in a dress size, I have toned my body, my confidence has increased and I have become stronger . I have completed a 5k colour Run in Wakefield, completed the Tough Mudder! The one thing I did not get to do due to work commitments was the Military Major in Leeds (this is for 2016 and I can’t wait!).
I could never have got through this year without the support and advice from such a dedicated, patient and fabulous trainer which has also become a dear friend. I look forward to continuing training in 2016 with new challenges. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rachael for getting me through some down times and making me believe that I can achieve anything just by focusing on what I want to achieve. 

Maria Harwood    January 2016

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