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It excites me to work with such a varied client base comprising of individuals with very different fitness goals and aspirations . In the early stages especially, I encourage clients to think carefully about what they really want to achieve – visualise how will they look and feel – and this then allows for a targeted approach to getting there.

The common desire to “tone up and lose weight ” is then focused down to specifics such as ” I will reduce the circumference of my waist… I will lift up my bum… I will wear a pair of above the knee shorts on my summer holiday …I will wear a sleeveless top with confidence… I will be able to play with my children without losing my breath etc”. These goals are tangible, they can be worked towards, ticked off then on to the next-  and guess what? In the process the individual will have “toned up and lost body fat”.

Beth came to me with a very different vision for her self. She had hit a plateau in her exercise and was dissatisfied with her slim frame which lacked the shape she desired. Beth has enjoyed exercise throughout her life but recognised that to explore the full potential of her body she needed some guidance, motivation and direction. She is very much influenced by her self image and recognises that her mind set is they key to her achieving a strong, shapely body. Most importantly her training now enables Beth to feel empowered and confident.

Beth is fortunate to have a fast metabolism – her body is very efficient at using the food she eats to keep it’s systems working optimally – and for this reason it is crucial that the quantity and type of food she eats matches her physical activity and  training schedule. Beth needs to make sure she eats protein at every meal to repair her muscle fibres along with balanced carbohydrates for energy throughout the day and good fats to provide her with additional energy and calories.  Take time to read her weekly food / training diaries and see for yourself that she is a fantastic example to us all of how BALANCED eating and training supports the toning, shaping and maintaining of her petite frame (notice that she has rest days and eats cake!).

Beth’s current goal deals with her emotional and psychological approach to training and you can read how she feels about missing exercise sessions on her diary sheets. Beth is learning to accept that exercise fits into her lifestyle alongside many other factors – some of which take priority from time to time – this is completely ok! The key is to be active everyday then really smash it when it’s time to train!

Keep up the good work Beth xx


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