Group training with Rockfitt

We can work together to help you achieve your goals

Your interests and exercise preferences will influence our sessions but I will push you to try new training methods – with amazing results! I offer group training techniques to help 2-4 people shed fat, condition and shape their bodies in dynamic training environments.

Is this You?

  • You have stopped seeing results for your efforts

  • You want your exercise sessions to be fun and productive

  • You want the motivation, support and challenge of working with someone close to you

  • You have a shared goal in mind – A wedding? A marathon? A big birthday? A competition?

What you we achieve…

  • Energising workouts leaving you all on an exercise high!

  • Overcome plateaus in your current exercise activity

  • New training methods you can work on together in your own time

  • Spend quality time with people you care about

  • Shared accomplishment of goals and moral support

Group Training Price Plan
Would you like to take one step further?…

DNAFit is the new, exciting product in health and weight management. Our genes make us who we are, so naturally they impact every aspect of our health. Understanding your DNA will help you live a healthier life.

DNA analysis is backed by extensive scientific evidence and it is the latest advancement in personal nutrition. Losing weight starts with knowing the best possible diet for you and I will have this knowledge after analysing your unique genetic report. You will be propelled towards your fitness targets!