Is your waistband still tight but your wallet – and time – even tighter?

Can’t “afford” a Personal Trainer?

It’s time to re-think….

Yes going it alone with your gym membership is great and benefits your body massively. Yes group classes are a good way of getting more direction and motivation when exercising but those individuals who choose to invest a bit of extra money in themselves realise that it unlocks your potential to be AWESOME!

Personal training is not a luxury – it’s a priority if you are serious about being healthy and confident in your own skin and maximise your precious time in the gym.

In a group environment you are one of many – many different needs that are different from your own and therefore the work you carry out during the session may not be the correct level of challenge.

Working one to one with me does not replace your gym classes or own gym training but rather becomes the centre of your training schedule – teaching you new techniques, giving you ideas and pushing you harder than you would work without it!

Personal training is just that – personal to YOU and your aspirations for your body. It’s my job as a trainer to identify and work with your strengths and limitations to help you exercise in a way that gets the best physical results from the time you dedicate to exercise that day.

No more aimless wandering around the gym floor waiting for inspiration to hit… you will even be given specially written programs to carry out on your own between our sessions – homework for a better body!

Everyone’s time is precious but EVERYONE has time during their week for exercise. The key is to maximise the time you spend in activity and make it worthwhile. You don’t have to spend hours doing it – the seconds soon add up to minutes and the minutes to hours across the week. These hours then = less body fat, increased muscle tone and increased fitness. Win, Win, Win!

Make your self confidence and self image a priority and contact me to arrange a free consultation to see how we can maximise your time exercising!

Rachael 07584002326


PS:   I’ve included some ways to move more for less below:


WALK   Up the intensity by adding tins, bottles of water or hand weights into a backpack and walk –  strut like you’re on a mission. Take the opportunity to walk wherever you can, from the school run to the local shop. Try a walk and talk date with a friend instead of that latte or glass of wine sat on your bum. In good weather, push those thighs to the next level and enjoy a weekend hike – the benefits of putting one foot in front of the other are huge. Increased calorie burn, efficient circulation, increased muscle tone and bone density, less water retention etc etc.


RUN   Apart from a decent pair of trainers and a sports bra you’re good to go! If you are new to running start small opting to walk, then run, then add in daily challenges such as running to your favourite coffee shop, running round to a friends or challenging yourself to stop only if you see a cat or a give way sign – natural markers in the environment. If you can’t motivate a friend to join you be your own running buddy – take the opportunity for some alone time and create a motivational play list to lift you as you pound the ground. Sign up for a race of some sort. There are so many local 5Ks which are a great starting point and if you fancy clocking up the distance you can progress further … maybe even an obstacle race! Having a goal / distance in mind really does focus your training and you can chart your progress week on week.


SKIP    Yes your body will remember how to do it  from your school days! A HIIT session of just 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 8 minutes will have you sweating. Get out there on your patio!


WRITE Create your own Personal Trainer in a jar! Use a spare container, write down all the exercises you know and pop them inside. Then whenever you’re waiting for your dinner to cook, the adverts to stop or your children to get ready for school you pick two or three of the exercises and complete them on rotation until you run out of time.  You can even put numbers in the jar 5,10,15,20 etc to pull out alongside an exercise and structure your own little mini workout! Lets hope you don’t pull out “burpees”  and “20” (!)


 Get Moving and Enjoy! Spring is on it’s way …..



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